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Your Memories

I remember Mountain Glory coming to our little Church of the Nazarene in Ojai in the early seventies. As a child I thought they were cool playing music and when asked by singer/guitarist David Best 'what I wanted to do when I grew up', I replied, "I want to play music just like you when I grow up". Indeed I have. Much to Mountain Glory's influence on a new wave of Christian musicians and performers, they most certainly influenced me to play music, travel to churches, parties, prisons and juvenile halls playing Christianized rock 'n' roll and spreading the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Every time I put on their first CD, tears of joy will come to my eyes as I sing "Christian Brothers, Call On Him, From Me To You, and That Jesus Loves Me Stuff". In fact, all of the songs have a simple truth which rings throughout each and every song. Simple truths. Good stuff! The new album is a great reunion of the band and aptly titled. Hopefully Mountain Glory will ride again and maybe we can go along for the ride.

-Steve Martin Founding Member, "Dr. Jesus"

My Tribute

They chose the name "Mountain Glory" They're the reason for my story. "Gramps" always called them "the Boys" Guitars, a banjo and harmonica are their "toys." God gave them talents which are some of the best Their playing, singing and song writing are great, I can attest.

They sang at Gramps' last service on this ole' earth Which he'd traveled a lot since the time of his birth. Then about three years later, they honored us once more When my husband suddenly entered heaven's open door. I've requested they sing when I meet Jesus in the sky Songs like "When we all get to Heaven" or "The Sweet By and By."

But just yesterday God chose to take one of "the Boys" home. We all love him, will miss him, and will feel so alone. But the memories will be with us in all kinds of weather and will help sustain us 'til we all can be together.

I'm a "little" country girl at heart. One of my favorite songs in part is "Cowboy for Jesus, singin' many a song. One of these days I'm a goin' home and I know it won't be long." One of my favorite memories of Dana is his cowboy hat and western gear. Every time I think of him I'm sure I'll shed a tear, But God knows about our every pain and reminds me our loss is Heaven's gain. Hopefully "Mountain Glory" will sing when I die and Dana will join in from up in the sky.

With Love & Appreciation I lost a "Son," but God gained one.

-Ma Best
(written June 6, 2000)

Responses to "One More Ride."

I was happy to get my Mountain Glory CD. Thanks for all the work you put into that project.

-Barbi Roth

Thanks for putting the CD together. It turned out great. . . . a wonderful job of keeping a pictorial history of Mountain Glory.

-Lou Ann Walling

The CD is wonderful!!! My folks have a copy to listen to & my brother, also Dale, has the other. My niece Crystal was very interested in the picture of Dana in college. It turns out she went on mission trip with Aaron Walling, but she never knew Dana. His death affected me strangely. When I had cancer & came to our 25th class reunion, I remember how solicitous he was to me. Little did he know that he would see the Lord before me. I knew him & Lou Ann, but not at all as well as you, & yet I felt such a loss. We missed the memorial service because I was working back east. When we were down at the school in November of that year, Marty & I watched the service. We cried like babies.

We have a copy of the service & want Dale & Carolyn & Crystal to see it, to complete the link with the CD. When Lou Ann introduced her daughter to us a few months after the memorial service, it was like looking into Dana's face.

Marty & his Dad built the Carpenteria parsonage (putting 2 houses together!) for a pastor before Dana. I remember visiting Wallings there in the finished parsonage. We talked about how nice it would be to get to know them better, but we just weren't living close enough. Maybe that is why I took his death hard....the lost chance of friendship with a special person. We knew Dave Peale, & Marty informed me that Dave & Dana were cousins.

Stay well. Let us know if you will be in the Sacramento area, either with Towel & Basin or Mountain Glory...or whatever.

-Marty & Joyce Pinckard

"I love the CD!"

-Carol Downing
Master Track Productions

Dear David:

I am thrilled to get the Mountain Glory CD, a true collector's item in my view.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. The songs are great. The project is great.

Brings back a lot of memories. I have been to several concerts, even the reunion concerts in Southern California, PLNC and the District Convention at... was it Knotts Berry Farm?

I am guessing Greg must be the third soloist on the CD. . .

You all did a super job on those solos, and the songs you wrote.

Just wanted to let you know I had received the CD and am very thankful to have it. I ordered & received some for my girls, but haven't decided if I can wait til Christmas to give them to them.

Thanks for your part in the project.

-Sylvia Lambert

…the CD is great!

-Adam Paul Shere, singer/songwriter


Thank you for the copies of "Mountain Glory's - One More Ride". So much has happened here and throughout the world since your visit that I had forgotten about the fun we had that day. Getting the recording brought that back and more.

You and the band should be proud of the outcome and I can only hope it continues to bring you happiness. The quality of the recording is great and very sensitive to the song writing. The riderless horse on the back cover is very sad yet poignant, although it must have been wonderful to have had the time with your friend before his passing. We all move on and continue with the work at hand. May you and yours be well.

My best,

-Tom McGrath
Tom Tom Studios, New York City

What a blessing to listen to the CD for the first time today. I enjoyed it immensely! I will give the second copy I ordered to someone soon and promote it widely. Just know I am had many warm thoughts of support and friendship with you as I listened to your voice on the CD.

-Michael Funk
Director, Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center

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